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Product Liability

JOMARRON | LOPEZ offers services in the realm of products liability. Product liability work often involves large numbers of documents that must be controlled promptly and efficiently. Additionally, it requires a sophisticated understanding of the product in question, taking into account manufacturing, engineering, production, and distribution processes specific to an industry. Our Product Liability Litigation Group regularly appears in both state and federal courts on behalf of its clients.

Every year, thousands of consumers are injured as a result of defective products.

As the availability of consumer goods and new medications and treatments becomes available, the risk of potential problems with these products increases. Many of these injuries could be avoided if additional safety measures were taken by the manufacturers or distributors. Oftentimes, safety improvements are only implemented after the companies are faced with numerous product liability lawsuits.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, roughly 29.5 million injuries and 22,000 deaths are connected to defective products. The injuries, deaths, and associated property damage from defective products cost over $500 billion each year.

Product Liability holds any or all parties involved in the manufacturing of a product accountable for injuries or damage caused by the product.

This includes the product part manufacturers, production manufacturer, wholesaler, and in some cases, the retail storeowner. Product Liability includes numerous legal claims allowing an injured party to seek financial compensation from the manufacturing company or retailer of the defective product. Most commonly, the claims associated with Product Liability are negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty, and various consumer protection claims. Each type requires different elements to be proven in order for the claim to be successful.