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Probate, Wills, Trusts & Guardianship

JOMARRON | LOPEZ works diligently to ensure that you and your family are taken care of by your estate. We work closely with you to secure your interests and help you provide for yourself and your family as you age.

When a family member passes on and leaves a will behind designating how his or her estate should be divided, having an attorney who can interpret and administer the will saves time and effort on your part. We work with you to settle your loved one’s estate, taking care of bills, filing papers with the state and settling necessary debts. We administer any trusts left behind, and we deal with disputes between family members, including accusations of undue influence, the removal of a personal representative and will contests. We handle everything from mediation to litigation in these situations. Our lawyers handling probate here in Miami have in-depth knowledge of the probate code and will help you get through the legal end of a family member’s passing.

Establishing a trust to protect your assets for your own future and for your family is an excellent investment of your time and money. It enables you to have more control over your assets during your life and to direct where they will go when you pass on. We handle all aspects of trusts, including drafting and administering them. We can help appoint trustees and will represent you or your trustee if there is a trust dispute. We can also help to remove a trustee if there is a breach of fiduciary duty. We have a thorough working knowledge of the trust code in Florida and will work directly with you to find the best options for your estate.

If you wish to protect the interests and freedom of an incompetent child or adult, we can help you set up a guardianship for your loved one. Having a guardian will allow this person to have as much freedom as possible while being sheltered from people who would prey on him or her and ensuring that all of his or her financial responsibilities are met. A guardian can make necessary legal decisions like moving a person from his or her place of residence if it becomes unsuitable or making medical decisions for the ward. We can draft guardianship documents and administer the guardianship for you. We can also have a guardian removed in cases of inappropriate action or breach of fiduciary duty, and we handle litigation surrounding guardianship.