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Individuals who’ve been seriously injured by the negligent or wrongful actions of others have their lives turned upside down. In addition to physical, mental, and emotion injuries, you can incur medical bills, lost wages, and other expenditures that quickly add-up and make matters worse.  Our team of lawyers and trained staff are here to help get through these issues.  We perform a proper investigation and develop a custom strategy to handle each case including claims involving motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall, medical malpractice, and other personal injury matters.

It is a fact that insurance companies know which law firms takes cases to trial when needed and which law firms will avoid a trial settle for less than the full value of a client’s claim.  JOMARRON | LOPEZ is prepared to try any case in which the client is not being offered the full value of their claim.  Our reputation as trial lawyers goes a long way in the personal injury area of law.

Once we achieve a satisfactory resolution to your case, your experience with JOMARRON | LOPEZ does not end there.  We consider you a friend and client for life.  Without any cost or obligation, we will be available to answer your questions and discuss your rights and options regarding your personal injury case and future personal injury matter.  If an honest, straightforward, easy-to-understand discussion is what you want, click here to contact us.

Keep in mind that most states limit the amount of time personal injury victims have to seek compensation for expenses such as medical bills, lost income, vocational rehabilitation, physical pain, and emotional suffering due to a personal injury.  In any case, the sooner you start, the sooner you can pursue a personal injury demand or lawsuit and be compensated for your personal injuries.