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Government Relations

The actions of government—at the local, state and national levels—affects all of us every day. We believe that every organization should have an active voice regarding the rules and regulations that matter to them. The attorneys and lobbyists in our Government Relations Practice Group are committed to helping our clients get what they need from a wide variety of governmental entities at the local, state and national level. If you are conducting business if Florida, it is important to understand and influence the laws that affect you and your interests.

Our fundamental philosophy is clear and simple: Learn what our clients need in government and get it done. We know the rules and the rule-making process, and we know the people who create and enforce them. Our lawyers work hard to develop close one-on-one relationships with leaders of both political parties, as well as a myriad of state and local regulatory agencies and departments. We apply our knowledge and our relationships to help our clients achieve the results they seek.

In direct response to our clients’ needs for representation at the state level, we opened our government relations practice in 2012. As a result, JOMARRON | LOPEZ now offers clients access to a nationwide network of lobbyists.

The services of our government relations attorneys include:

  • Monitoring and analyzing existing and proposed legislation
  • Advocating or defeating client and industry-specific legislation
  • Developing and executing successful legislative strategies
  • Drafting and editing legislation, rules, policies and procedures
  • Representing clients before state and local regulatory agencies and departments
  • Assisting clients in government contracting issues