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Entertainment Law

JOMARRON | LOPEZ has an entertainment department dedicated exclusively to the areas of entertainment, arts, sports, and media law, representing high-profile clients throughout the United States and abroad. Our entertainment team focuses on the music, motion picture, television, sports, Internet, digital media, publishing and theatre industries. We have critical access to key players in the entertainment industry and provide clients with the business-oriented and dedicated legal advice needed to thrive in today’s multi-disciplined, multimedia entertainment marketplace.

In the entertainment industry, protecting your rights can be confusing and requires careful planning. But it is essential for success. From music agreements to TV shows, film rights, and celebrity endorsements, the entertainment attorneys at JOMARRON | LOPEZ help clients capitalize on their talents, products, and services.

The Firm’s entertainment practice prides itself in protecting and promoting its clients’ careers in a traditional legal setting. However, the Firm occasionally serves our clients’ interests in some of the same ways that promoters, managers, agents, and marketing representatives do, depending upon the client’s particular circumstances and needs.

The firm represents individual and corporate clients in all entertainment, arts, media, and sports-related industries, including:

  • Music Industry Law: recording contracts; management, demo production and songwriting agreements for new and proven artists; start-up and other services for record labels; producer agreements; experienced advice for established entertainment companies, labels, and artists.
  • Sports Law: management agreements; merchandising and licensing; endorsement agreements; contract negotiation.
    Television and film: rights acquisition; production and talent agreements; ownership rights in TV and film projects; modeling agreements; on-air employment contracts.
  • Modeling, Sports and athlete representation: modeling agreements; release forms; copyrights; business formation; contract negotiation.
  • Labels seeking new artists: Established record labels looking for new hip-hop/rap, Latino, rock, or country music artists trust our entertainment lawyers’ level of knowledge and ability to network with artists and labels across the country and around the world. We frequently go to concerts and artist “showcases” to scope out new talent for our clients.
    Endorsements, licensing, and merchandising: Protection of the celebrity’s “name and likeness” Territorial, linguistic, and product usage of the celebrity’s name and likeness; Favorable celebrity payment schedules; Maintenance of the best possible celebrity/brand “balance” in an endorsement deal;
  • Business entities and relationships
  • Contract negotiations: assists screenwriters, artists, entertainers, athletes, musicians and other celebrities in negotiating and securing contractual arrangements.